Taking your website’s vital signs: Using customer feedback to create healthy website usability

by Liesel Hatch •

It’s an indisputable fact that monitoring vital signs is important to your health. But it’s also important to the health of your business…and in both cases they should be tracked and checked on a regular basis. They can give clues to major issues you might not even be aware of.

How VitalSigns helps you track your vital signs

Bizrate Insights’ portal, VitalSigns™ gives you easy to access and straightforward information about the pulse and respiration of your website based on customer feedback. By looking at the peaks and valleys across metrics, users gain a real-time understanding of where they’re strongest and where they need to improve their health.

In measuring a website’s vital signs, the heartbeat is usability. VitalSigns displays five key usability metrics across the purchase experience. It’s like taking your temperature at-a-glance.

vitalsigns dashboard bizrate insights

Exploring this information allows you to make wise decisions around CX financial investments, leaving you with a site design that revolves around your users.

Here, we’ll explore how some of Bizrate Insights’ partners achieve usability success.

Site Design

The Estée Lauder homepage offers a beautiful graphic with eye-catching movement as you arrive, but it quickly settles into guiding your experience. Product categories are clearly displayed, along with shipping and return information, and an option to live chat with a customer service representative.

estee lauder

Ease of Finding Products

Feedback around the ease of finding products will quickly show what type of guidance your customers are craving when it comes to product categories. It’s about anticipating their needs and being ready for them – regardless of whether they search or browse.

Lids.com, a sports apparel partner, has to stay on top of this with real-time events like the Super Bowl. Whether the Patriots or the Eagles win, proud football fans would want Super Bowl merchandise before the trophy is even engraved.

Lids understands that and is ready to go the moment their Philadelphia fans land on the site. No searching necessary.

lids locker room

Clarity of Product Information

It doesn’t matter how “simple” your product is, if your customers can’t find the details they need, then they won’t buy from you. Avon knows that in the highly competitive skincare industry shoppers are taking the time to compare multiple products before committing to the costs. They take the time to give them all the information they need.

In an easy to navigate format, customer can view the product, read a description, review the ingredients, and view a breakdown of its benefits and how to best use the product. They can also access hundreds of product reviews from other customers.


Charges Clearly Stated

Customers want to know the final price – shipping, delivery fees, taxes, promotional rates – before they check out.

JCPenney works to make costs and potential barriers to purchase clear before the customer even adds the items to their cart. They detail out discounts, rebate information, and ask customers to review protection plans and delivery dates.



We can’t stress it enough, if the rest of the process goes well, but customers get stuck at checkout, you’ll lose them. We posted a deep-dive on shopping carts and checkout procedures in our blog, but it’s worth mentioning again. Make it simple. Make it fast. Keep it that way.

Customer feedback can spell out unpredicted roadblocks – not just using data, but in the customer comments, too. Maybe you hadn’t realized that ordering a product in multiple colors creates too many steps for your shoppers to consider reasonable.

Yankee Candle’s checkout page offers a wealth of information at a glance, including an option to enter a promo code and multiple payment options.

yankee candle

Feeling inspired by these vital signs and want to access your own VitalSigns™? You can learn more about how Bizrate Insights can inform your website usability by requesting a demo, here.

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