4 Elements of a Successful BOPIS Strategy

by Scott Spivack •

With consumers demanding more convenience and a seamless shopping experience, omnichannel retailers are turning to BOPIS to stay competitive. And no wonder – according to a recent Bizrate Insights survey, over half of all shoppers have used it:

BOPIS has been increasingly popular with consumers in recent years. (Source: Bizrate Insights Flash Survey, March 2019)

Our research has found that BOPIS is the most popular checkout option after cashiers and self-checkout, and has been found to drive additional purchases in-store and reduce shipping costs, making it an appealing option for both shoppers and retailers.

If you’re offering a BOPIS solution, these 4 key components will ensure you’re delivering the BOPIS experience your customers expect.

1. Strong Inventory Management

One of the most crucial elements to an exceptional BOPIS experience is strong inventory management. Going to a store and being told the item you wanted isn’t in stock is always disappointing, but it’s far worse if a store has already set the expectation that the item will be ready for pick up. If a customer doesn’t receive their order and arrived at your store, you’re guaranteed to damage consumer trust in your brand.

Make sure your inventory management system can quickly and effectively communicate cross-channel, and you’ll avoid headaches in the future.

2. Fast and Frictionless Pickups

Customers use BOPIS to avoid shipping charges and wait times. If your BOPIS option doesn’t help them avoid these pain points, it’s not adding value to the customer experience.

Many retailers fulfill BOPIS orders at the customer service counter, forcing shoppers to wait in line with people making returns and exchanges. This is not ideal for the customer, who expects the buy online, pick up in-store experience to be fast and convenient.

BOPIS orders should be ready within a few hours, with pickups located towards the front of the store and little to no wait times. Wal-Mart, for example, uses “Pickup Towers” and lockers to fulfill orders, letting customers simply walk in, enter a code, and retrieve their item with a minimum of fuss.

15% of customers prefer BOPIS to other shopping experiences. (Source: Bizrate Insights Flash Survey, March 2019)

3. An Optimized Digital Experience

Don’t forget about the top of your funnel. A BOPIS customer may be picking up their item in one of your brick-and-mortar stores, but ultimately, they’re online shoppers. That means that your customer’s online shopping experience is just as important as what they will experience in-store.

Creating a satisfying online customer experience requires ongoing effort and an understanding of what your particular customers. Implementing a Voice of Customer (VoC) program can help you track feedback and key metrics to quickly identify the pain points in your omnichannel strategy.

Overall design, ease of finding products, and the checkout process are all important feedback metrics to watch when evaluating your retail website.


4. Promotion and Awareness Campaigns

Rolling out a BOPIS program won’t do much good if your customers don’t know that it’s an additional service you provide. Promote your click-and-collect option as much as possible, especially online, in social media and email marketing campaigns.

Generally speaking, customers already understand the benefits of BOPIS, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them when they’re comparing shipping options in their cart. Many companies will even offer discounts or gift cards to incentivize BOPIS orders over other forms of checkout.

And remember: BOPIS tends to see a spike during the holidays, because it’s a guarantee that the customer will receive their item on time. Featuring click and collect in your holiday marketing campaigns can be a great way to drive more traffic to your website and your store.

Creating a BOPIS Experience Your Customers Love

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is inventory easy to locate and keep track of?
  • Can BOPIS purchases be picked up in minutes?
  • Is my website user-friendly? Am I listening to and implementing customer feedback?
  • Do customers know that BOPIS is an option?

If you aren’t sure of the answers, a Voice of Customer solution can help by giving you feedback from verified shoppers. Reach out today to get started with our Online Buyer and BOPIS Solution free of charge.

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