3 essential insights for an outstanding BOPIS program

by Scott Spivack • ,

No omnichannel retail strategy is complete without a BOPIS program (Buy Online, Pickup In-Store). Digital Commerce 360 calls it the “next wave of eCommerce” and predicts that 90% of brick-and-mortar retailers will offer some form of BOPIS by 2021.

Why is the need for BOPIS solutions on the rise? Mainly, it’s the unprecedented speed and convenience it offers.

BOPIS, or Buy Online, Pickup In-Store – also sometimes called BOPUS or BOPUIS – allows a consumer to purchase online while avoiding the shipping costs and delivery times associated with online shopping. Once their order is placed, the shopper can conveniently collect their purchase at a brick-and-mortar store without having to search or wait in line. Essentially, it offers the best of both worlds and links them seamlessly when done correctly.

Knowing how consumers feel about their own BOPIS experience is necessary for omnichannel brands to optimize their program and use it to increase revenue. To learn more about what BOPIS shoppers were looking for, we surveyed consumers across the Bizrate Insights network and uncovered three key insights that retailers should be aware of.

1. Shoppers who try BOPIS once are likely to be repeat users

Most of the consumers we surveyed were extremely positive about their BOPIS experience. Just 2% of BOPIS shoppers disliked their experience, compared to 40% who said they loved it and would use it again whenever possible.

How did you feel about your BOPIS experience?

40% of BOPIS shoppers loved their experience
Source: Bizrate Insights survey, January 2020

With this high level of satisfaction, it’s no surprise that 82% of BOPIS shoppers surveyed reported to us that they used it more than once. A successful BOPIS experience builds loyalty by saving the consumer both money and time.

2. Time-to-pickup speed is a priority

Pickup times can vary wildly for BOPIS orders, depending on the retailer. Some, like Best Buy, offer BOPIS pickups within 45 minutes. Others, like Dollar Tree, can take up to six days before an order is ready.

The time-to-pickup can have an enormous impact on how successful a BOPIS program becomes. According to our survey, most consumers expect their order to be ready within a few hours of it being placed.

How quickly should a BOPIS order be ready for pickup?

Most BOPIS shoppers expect their purchase to be ready in a few hours
Source: Bizrate Insights survey, January 2020

Unfortunately, many retailers are not meeting this expectation, and it’s creating unnecessary friction for consumers. 24% of surveyed shoppers reported they encountered an issue when picking up, with the most common problem being that their item wasn’t ready when they arrived.

3. Most BOPIS orders result in additional purchases

An effective BOPIS program is more than just another fulfillment option. It’s an incredibly powerful omnichannel tool that can help retailers drive foot traffic and sell more products at their brick-and-mortar locations. A strong majority of shoppers told us that when they arrived at the store to pick up their order, they made an additional, unplanned purchase.

Have you ever made an additional purchase while at a store to pick up an online order?

A majority of BOPIS shoppers made an additional purchase when picking up
Source: Bizrate Insights survey, January 2020

This makes often-overlooked elements like the BOPIS pickup location incredibly important. If it’s too close to the store entrance, retailers miss the opportunity to upsell. Too far, and they risk causing frustration for customers, who typically want the pickup to take as little time as possible.

To make innovative retail strategies like BOPIS truly successful, retailers must do everything they can to ensure it provides real value to their customers. Our blog post on the Four Elements of a Successful BOPIS Strategy covers what every retailer should include in their program. We also offer a custom Voice of Customer BOPIS survey designed to help brands optimize their BOPIS offering, which retailers can learn more about with a free demo of our services.

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