Maximize Your Surveys with the New VitalSigns Homepage

We are pleased to introduce the official VitalSigns Homepage. For the first time, you can see a snapshot of the metrics and insights gathered from your company’s surveys together in one comprehensive, easy-to-use overview. Read below to learn more about the VitalSigns Homepage and what it means for the user experience.

What is the VitalSigns Homepage?

VitalSigns is Bizrate Insights’ reporting platform designed to formulate actionable insights using data collected from a retailer’s Online Buyer Survey, Site Abandonment Survey, or both. The VitalSigns Homepage is the new central location for the top metrics and insights from across all of your company’s survey dashboards.

How does the VitalSigns Homepage work?

You’ll be greeted by the new VitalSigns Homepage each time you log in to your VitalSigns account. From there, you can view the top metrics and insights from across all of your company’s dashboards — like Net Promoter Scores, purchase frequencies, and customer verbatims — as a collection of interactive data cards. Previously, users looking to view their metrics would have to navigate between independent survey dashboards.

Bizrate Insights - VitalSigns New Homepage

Why use the new VitalSigns Homepage?

The VitalSigns Homepage provides a snapshot of the top metrics and insights from across all of your company’s survey dashboards. While viewing your VitalSigns Homepage, you can select one of the interactive data cards highlighting a certain metric and be redirected to a dedicated dashboard for that piece of information.

In addition to ease of use, the new VitalSigns Homepage offers the following benefits.

1. Discover something you may have missed.

We’ve found users spend the majority of their time using 2 out of 7 possible Online Buyer Survey data dashboards — causing some to miss out on other actionable insights gathered by their surveys. The VitalSigns Homepage makes survey results more discoverable by providing a snapshot of all your top metrics and insights in one place.

2. View your metrics in context.

The results of a retailer’s Online Buyer Survey may yield some surprising results, such as a lower-than-expected likelihood their customers may buy from them again. Before the VitalSigns Homepage, a user in this scenario might switch back and forth between the Online Buyer Survey dashboard and their customer verbatims page to dive deeper into what factors left buyers feeling turned off.

The VitalSigns Homepage makes evaluating Online Buyer Survey and Site Abandonment Survey results easier and more efficient by placing snapshots of your most important metrics side by side. So, the next time you go to view results from a recent Online Buyer Survey, you’ll be able to see real-time KPIs alongside interactive data cards displaying qualitative metrics like the Comment Tone Summary or Top 3 Comment Topics.

3. Now available: Your Site Abandonment Survey metrics.

The VitalSigns Homepage now displays interactive data cards using results from Site Abandonment Surveys, regardless of your VitalSigns subscription tier. This new section offers a snapshot of the top metrics from across all of your Site Abandonment Survey dashboards — including KPIs, Point of Abandonment, and Visit Intent. Users of both the Online Buyer Survey and Site Abandonment Survey will be able to view all of their data cards at once on the VitalSigns Homepage.