Enhanced Features

Basic reporting is available at no charge for our online surveys . Upgrade to either our Core or Premium Subscription to access additional reporting dashboards and enhanced features within our reporting portal – VitalSigns. Work with an account manager to choose a plan that’s right for you, then log in 24/7 for easy access to your data and customer comments.


5 weeks of data

Week over week

Earn seller ratings & access a recent view of current customer trends

  • Aggregate customer feedback from point-of-sale & order fulfillment surveys
  • Customer comments add color to your satisfaction scores
  • Syndicated seller ratings & Reviews to Google, Bing, Yahoo & more
  • Basic reporting is free


4 months of data

Month over month

Benchmark the top retailers & view key-loyalty metrics by device type

  • Key performance indicators & comments segmented by device
  • Benchmarks against our Network’s top retailers & a standard Bizrate category
  • Net loyalty percentile (promoters minus detractors)
  • Customer demographic details


13 months of data

year over year

Custom questions to deep dive areas specific to your business

  • Executive Summary Report with correlation analysis to prioritize feedback
  • Access to our Expert Survey Question library to track buyer behavior
  • Custom benchmark of competitive In-Network retailers
  • Average scores by device types for all standard ratings
  • Detailed buyer profiles and breakout of repeat vs. new customers

Compare Plans

Bizrate Insights Subscription Packages Basic Core Premium
Buyer Point-of-Sale Customer Feedback Survey
Point-of-sale key loyalty, marketing, usability & checkout metrics
Buyer Order Fulfillment Customer Feedback Survey
Order Fulfillment key loyalty, delivery, product satisfaction, customer support & return metrics
Customer Ratings & Reviews of Your Store Syndicated To: Basic Core Premium
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Bizrate & Shopzilla
VitaMail Daily Recap Basic Core Premium
Daily emailed summary of scores and sample comments
VitalSigns Interactive Online Portal Basic Core Premium
VitalSigns Data Access
Data timeframe 5 weeks 4 months 13 months
Data Trend week over week month over month year over year
Buyer Point of Sale & Order Fulfillment Performance
Trends & averages for all standard ratings
Net Loyalty percentile (the promoters minus the detractors, determines your Net Loyalty percentile)
Ratings distribution across the 1-10 scale
Buyer Performance by Device Type (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
Averages for KPIs: overall satisfaction, repurchase intent, likelihood to recommend
Averages for all standard ratings
Buyer Comments & Reviews
All customer comments
Comments filtered by “tone” (positive & negative), “topic” (customer support, usability, etc.) & survey (point-of-sale, post-order fulfillment)
Comments filtered by device type (Mobile,Tablet,Desktop)
Order Number included with comments
Overall satisfaction score displayed with comment & filtering (Coming soon)
All KPI scores displayed with comments – Overall Satisfaction, Likelihood to Recommend, Repurchase Intent & filtering (Coming soon)
Detailed device information – device make, operating system, browser – included with comment & filtering
Comment categorization pie chart reveals common themes
Buyer Competitive Benchmarks
Bizrate Circle of Excellence™ benchmark (best of ecommerce)
Bizrate Standard Category (apparel, home & garden, etc.)
Custom benchmark (select group of retailers in our Network)
Additional Custom Benchmarks Available separately. Contact Us for details.
Buyer Profile Information
Gender, age & household income demographics,martial status,education,ethnicity & age of children demographics
First time vs. repeat customers
Export Capabilities
Data file (CSV, Excel) ad hoc
Data file (CSV, Excel) ad hoc
In-Depth Reporting & Analytics Basic Core Premium
Executive Highlights Report (Coming soon)
Executive Summary Report (correlation analysis to prioritize business strategy plus in-depth device ratings & feedback)
Additional Reports (Raw Data, Cross-Tabulation & Custom) Available separately. Contact Us for details.
Advisory Services (Question Development, UX Reviews & In-Depth Analysis) Available separately. Contact Us for details.
Customizations Basic Core Premium
Survey Questions from Bizrate’s Expert Library & Reporting 5 questions 10 questions
One Custom Point-of-Sale Invitation Design
Additional Customizations (Invitations, Questions, Variables & Triggers, etc.) Available separately. Contact Us for details.
Quick Response Basic Core Premium
Timely Customer Comment Forwarding Service
Order Number within Quick Response
Comment Filtering Capability (get only the comments you want) Available separately. Contact Us for details.
Account Management Basic Core Premium
Assigned Account Manager
Scheduled Check-in Calls
Invitations to special events and webinars

For a custom solution, contact us.