‘Buyer Survey’ Code

Bizrate Insights’ Buyer Survey Solution generates actionable Insights to improve your website’s performance by understanding your customer’s experience.

Retailers are required to place Bizrate’s JavaScript code on their order confirmation page to utilize Bizrate’s Buyer Survey Solution. This immediately allows you to collect feedback from engaged consumers who complete their purchase on your website.

There are two simple ways to integrate the Buyer Survey Solution:

  1. Add Bizrate’s Buyer Survey code into the HTML body of your website’s order confirmation page.
  2. Add Bizrate’s Buyer Survey code using a tag manager. We currently partner with the tag managers listed below, and are in queue to implement the new code. In the meantime, please contact your account manager and we will coordinate with the tag manager on your behalf.
    • Tealium
    • EnSighten (formerly TagMan)
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Signal (formerly Bright Tag)

Data collection begins as soon as the survey is live on your website; Buyer results can be viewed in near real-time via the VitalSigns portal to verify proper installation of Bizrate’s JavaScript code. – VitalSigns.bizrate.com

Basic Instructions

Advanced Instructions

Buyer Survey Code – Basic Setup


The order ID passed to Bizrate is displayed on the survey invitation. This enhancement increases survey response rate by up to 30%. There is a 17-character max length for the order ID to correctly display on the survey invitation.

Control to Customize

We are constantly testing the latest tech to fully optimize the experience and shape the usability of our default invitation for all screen sizes. This ensures your customer’s experience with Bizrate Insights’ solution is optimized across all desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. There are several ways to customize the Buyer Survey invitations without ever changing the code on your website. We make this simple by granting you access to a tool within VitalSigns to control the survey invitation experience for desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. While this interface is under development, please contact us, or your account manager, to update on your behalf.

Buyer customizations include:

  • Position of the invitation on your webpage – defaults centered in the browser window
  • Invitation look & design – default displays 500 x 455 pop-up window

Buyer Survey Code Advanced Setup

By configuring and including optional code snippets, you generate further actionable Insights to improve your website’s performance by understanding your customer’s experience. You are encouraged to include all optional passed-in data. Additional reporting options, which may incur a fee, include:

  • Products purchased to analyze and aggregate customer purchasing behavior
  • Referring URL tracking to identify all online properties sending your website traffic
  • Quick Response to Buyers who wish to be contacted regarding their order
  • Customer identification assigned by you including customer ID, order ID, & web analytics ID

Note: Make sure to have the basic code on the page before including any additional code and passed-in data. All data, except for your site’s MID, is optional and will be treated as strings. Please note that the string below includes placeholders and must be replaced with the data being called from your site (i.e. page identifier, etc.)

Customer Identification
Referring Page
Custom Values
Page Type Identifier
Shopping Cart Products

Buyer Survey Code Sample


Note: All data, except for your site’s MID, is optional and will be treated as strings