The 2021 Ecommerce Holiday Planning Guide

The holiday season is a critical stretch for most ecommerce retailers. But for the holidays to be a major revenue driver, ecommerce professionals must start planning early and effectively.

Using proprietary data gathered by Bizrate Insights, Forrester has developed a guide to ensure your business has a successful holiday shopping season. “The 2021 Holiday Planning Guide” highlights several key areas retailers and brand manufacturers should address before the holidays.

Why Read This: Get Ecommerce Holiday Planning Tips

As an ecommerce professional, a successful holiday shopping season requires a comprehensive strategy to align your entire organization. But in order to formulate an effective ecommerce holiday plan, it’s essential to first understand consumer behaviors from the previous season — especially as the retail landscape continues to evolve due to the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

This guide leverages research on 2020 holiday shopping habits gathered by Bizrate Insights to predict consumer behaviors and preferences for this year. Using these predictions, Forrester, a leading global insights and advisory firm, was able to offer a wide range of tips for ecommerce retailers looking to optimize their marketing, customer service, fulfillment, and security to meet the needs of holiday shoppers.

Key topics include:

  • Understanding what last year’s consumer shopping habits mean for this season.
  • Developing a fulfillment strategy that makes holiday shopping easier for your customers.
  • Driving sales by engaging empowered, values-based consumers.
  • Preparing your customer support team for the holidays.