What’s the future of free shipping? (part 5 of 5)

by Bizrate Insights •

Free shipping is here to stay. In this series, we covered customer expectations and what you can do to meet them while keeping your bottom line in mind.

94% of shoppers say free shipping is important – and almost of them want their purchase to arrive quickly.

But while free shipping is becoming standard, there are ways to recoup the cost.

Customers have come to expect free shipping, but they’ve also learned that there is often a minimum spend required. Almost half say they’d spend $50 or more to qualify.  Creating targeted upsells to hit shipping thresholds can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

New and innovative fulfillment options, like BOPIS, can also help streamline deliveries and drive more foot traffic to your physical stores.

Bottom line: You need free shipping to stay competitive. But there are plenty of opportunities to offset the cost while satisfying customers.

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