What’s new with VitalSigns?

Our enhanced VitalSigns™ Reporting Portal has arrived! With mobile optimization, an elevated desktop experience and additional reporting filters, the new VitalSigns is a superior way to analyze your voice-of-customer data.

Access VitalSigns on Multiple Devices

Review your feedback anywhere by accessing optimized dashboards from any device. Click any link within your Online Buyer VitalMail to be taken to the new VitalSigns experience.


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Pages and dashboards can be accessed via the menu icon on the top left of the screen. The account icon displays umbrella accounts for companies with more than one entity.

Umbrella on Mobile


Swipe across dashboards to view more table data on your mobile device. 


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Enhanced Desktop Experience

The advanced VitalSigns desktop experience makes it easy to navigate dashboards and pages via the menu icon on the top left.

New navigation on desktop

In the sidebar, robust filtering and collapsible menus make it possible to view the data you want. Data and charts can also be hidden in the sidebar per metric.

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Customer comments are collapsed by default and can be displayed by clicking on the “show all comment details” link. Filtering counts of customer comments are also displayed in the sidebar.

Collapsed Online Buyer Verbatims Comments

Switch back to VitalSigns classic at anytime via the sidebar.

Switching over to classic

Bizrate Insights will continue to roll out dashboards and enhancements over the next few months. Please check back often for updates.



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About the VitalSigns™ Reporting Portal

VitalSigns makes it easy to access all of your customer data and comments in real-time with intuitive reporting dashboards. It’s the simplest way to stay in touch with your VOC data and gain key customer insights. Identify the root cause of customer dissatisfaction and prioritize actions with your team to optimize the customer experience. Not yet using our VOC solutions? To schedule a demo, click here.