What Customers Really Want

by Liesel Hatch • ,

You spend much of your time attracting potential customers to your site with search, paid campaigns and more. Then before you know it, your visitors have disappeared without making a purchase. Where did they go? Why did they leave?… and do you know what your visitors really want in order to convert them to paying customers?

At Bizrate Insights we collect thousands of ‘voice of customer’ reviews from visitors who leave before making a purchase. Site Abandonment plagues all retailers, and on average only 3% of online visitors make a purchase.

While every business has hidden obstacles along the path to purchase, we’ve highlighted some of the most common feedback we’ve received across our merchant network and what that means for your e-commerce strategy. 

“I was a little disappointed in the selection, but more disappointed in the fact that I wanted to purchase & pick up in the store closest to me. The customer will always crave variety and control. They get frustrated when a website lacks purchase options and their size, style or color is not available. If there is no mention of when an item will be back in stock and they can’t easily contact customer service, they’re bound to bounce right off your website.

TIP: Implement a low inventory notification, a ‘buy online pick up in-store’ (BOPIS) feature and connect them to your customer support team exactly where they are on your website.

“Too bad the photos of shoes on your website don’t show the sole of the shoe. That would have helped my decision-making. Your inventory seems to focus on style over performance.” Product photos and descriptions can make or break the sale. Your quality of imagery says a lot about your product and if the perceived value is a match for the purchase price. If your product descriptions don’t include the details, your customer will be left searching other places on the web for the information.

TIP: Make it easy for your customer by providing all the product details they would need to make a purchase.

“One thing I like to do for xmas is send out my “wishlist” from the site and I can’t do that with this site, so I tell my family to shop here for gifts less often.” It’s not one feature that makes a difference to the customer experience, but lots of small and thoughtful features combined. Wishlists are a common topic in our feedback, especially around the holidays. The wishlist feature increases the likelihood that the 85% of customers who visit your site without the intent to buy, return to make a purchase. Visitors can save key items, send the list to friends and pick up where they left off with ease if they ran out of time on their previous visit.

TIP: Use customer feedback to improve your site’s functionality and you’ll drive more sales.

“Overall look and experience is great! The website moves fast and easy. I find everything I need within a matter of seconds and there are TONS of options to choose from. I’d definitely refer to a friend.” This is the type of feedback our top retailers receive often, and what every online store should aspire to. The design of your website shouldn’t compromise its functionality. Visitors want a reason to keep engaging with your brand and an experience that lets them browse with ease and tell their friends. This is how you turn visitors into brand evangelists.

TIP: Every time you streamline the process for your customers you’re a step closer to providing a mind blowing customer experience.

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