“We Live and Die by These Numbers” – Bodybuilding.com’s Commitment to Customer Feedback

by Hayley Silver •

I recently had the chance to catch up with Colin Eggleston, Customer Interaction Specialist at Bodybuilding.com. Bodybuilding.com has used BizRate’s Ratings & Customer Feedback platform since 2006, and in that time has demonstrated a strong commitment to listening to and serving their customers’ needs.

In the past few years, Bodybuilding.com has collected over 100,000 ratings (becoming Customer Certified in the process) and just won its first Platinum Circle of Excellence Award – a huge accomplishment! In light of this success, I wanted to talk to Colin about how Bodybuilding.com uses BizRate’s Ratings & Customer Feedback tools, and what they find most valuable.

Bodybuilding.com has integrated BizRate’s Ratings & Customer Feedback into their weekly Executive strategy meetings, paying close attention to both their survey scores and their customer comments. “We live and die by these numbers,” Colin stressed. Colin utilizes tools such as VitalMail, Vital Signs and a respondent level data file to put together these weekly reports. While the Executive Team looks at all of the survey scores, three areas of focus are the Net Promoter® score, customer support and shipping charges/options.

Bodybuilding.com constantly looks to their customer feedback as a guide for where to make improvements. While they are known for their superior customer support, their scores related to shipping were due for some improvement. Colin mentioned that while reading through customer comments recently, they noticed numerous complaints about the type of packing material that was being used in their shipments. After taking that feedback into account, they decided to make the switch from butcher paper to air bag inserts. Customers have been happy with this change, and it has had a positive impact on Bodybuilding.com’s ratings.

They also tried out a new shipping promotion a couple of months ago to see if that had an effect on their scores. According to Colin, “We take these numbers seriously, and take action where needed.” Having constant access to ratings and feedback helps Bodybuilding.com zero in on where changes need to be made, and to measure the effects of the programs they implement.

Upcoming initiatives for Bodybuilding.com include utilizing Data Pass Through (for country code and product sku (currently in beta)) to look at how scores differ between domestic vs. international customers, and to delve into product-level satisfaction.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Colin, and congratulations to Bodybuilding.com on its Platinum Circle of Excellence Award!

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