Tracking Metrics that Lead to Better Conversion

by Hayley Silver • ,

While BizRate hosts several services which are geared specifically towards supporting customer care teams, we also help merchants track metrics that lead to better conversion rates.  Additionally, we recently launched our abandonment survey that not only is free, but also helps merchants measure the success of their websites by considering the voice of customer.  Combining this qualitative knowledge with the quantitative trends helps get at the “why” when testing new layouts and creatives, and understanding why a customer visits and leaves without purchase.

Our standard point-of-sale survey captures these 8 metrics to help track factors that influence conversion:

  • Ease of finding what you’re looking for
  • Overall look and design of site
  • Clarity of product information
  • Selection of products
  • Charges stated clearly before order submission
  • Prices relative to other online merchants
  • Variety of Shipping options
  • Shipping Charges

These metrics are found on our daily VitalMails and Vital Signs where you can track performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  You can also contact us to sign up for the free BizAdvisor report which not only provides regular snapshot of your website’s performance, but also how you compare to other retailers in your category.  Couple that with our abandonment reporting which breaks out visitors, cart abandoners, and check-out abandoners and you have a quite a comprehensive outlook…FOR FREE. Yes. For free.

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