The Retailer’s eGuide to Optimizing Customer Feedback

by Scott Spivack • ,

If you’re only using your customer reviews to collect seller ratings and boost SEM results, you’re missing out on the bigger picture. A VOC tool should also help you gain key insights to inform and improve your customer experience strategy.

Utilizing a Voice of Customer tool to analyze your feedback, trends and key performance indicators helps you identify and implement changes that are critical to your overall success.

Our new eGuide is designed for retailers who want to understand how to optimize customer feedback. In the eGuide, we discuss:

  • How to properly collect and analyze verified consumer feedback
  • How to apply those insights to build an experience that increases revenue and brand loyalty
  • Exclusive survey data that demonstrates the role that reviews play in the buyer journey, and the importance of reviews to your potential shoppers.

Download the eGuide by clicking here!

Do you have additional questions about collecting customer reviews and ratings? Click here to speak to one of our Customer Feedback specialists.

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