Relieve stress & anxiety with Stop, Breathe & Think

It’s hard not to feel anxious about the uncertainty around COVID-19.  As we cope with the stress of the current times, it’s important to know how to manage mental and emotional wellbeing in addition to physical health.

To help support our retail community and their families during this time, we’ve partnered with the award-winning mindfulness app Stop, Breathe & Think. They’ve curated a selection of premium content that’s designed to help you feel more secure, connected and centered.

This premium content can be accessed for free for the next 60 days under the new category, “Calm Coronavirus Anxiety.” It features guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to help people cope in this difficult time.

By downloading the Stop, Breathe and Think app, you’ll learn how to:

Find an inner safe space

It’s important for everyone to be able to feel safe and relax, no matter what. In Stop, Breathe & Think’s web series “Chill Pill,” they’ll guide you through the process of using your imagination to create a place where you can take a break from the stressors of the outside world.

Feel more present and grounded

With so much uncertainty, it’s easy to lose sight of things by worrying about what might happen next. “Mini: Breathe & Chill” will help you ease tension, while “Grounding” exercises help you find stability.

Focus on the “small” things

In times like this, it can feel like many aspects of life are outside of your control. Exercises like Sitting to Standing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation are designed to shift your perspective and help you focus on the “micro-moments” in your life.

Develop compassion and kindness for others

Social distancing can make it difficult to feel connected with others. In the “Kindness” and “Sending and Receiving” audio series, you’ll learn how to cultivate a feeling of connection to others, even while adjusting to a new daily routine.

This content is available for free for the next 60 days on the Stop, Breathe & Think app, along with many other guided meditations. To get started or to learn more, users can visit or download the app on iOS or Android.

If you have questions, please reach out to us at