Ready, Set, Listen!!

by Hayley Silver •

When you’re ready to listen and tune-in to your customers, you can easily do so with BizRate’s Customer Satisfaction & Feedback Platform. This post details how to get started. And, one of the best parts about the service is: it’s FREE!!

Step 1: Create a Shopzilla Merchant Account.
In addition to running and comparison shopping websites, Shopzilla, Inc. operates the BizRate Customer Satisfaction & Feedback program. All you need to start using the feedback program is a Shopzilla Merchant Account. When you register, we’ll ask you to activate your merchant account by way of email (so make sure you look out for our activation email that we send within 1 minute of your registering). After you activate your account, we’ll prompt you to fund your account. Only do this if you also want to buy CPC traffic from and Otherwise, simply disregard this prompt.

If you already have a Shopzilla Merchant Account, you can skip this step. If you have an account, but have forgotten your password, you can recover it.

Step 2: Pick Up the BizRate Ratings Code.
Log-in to your Shopzilla Merchant Account and click on the Customer Feedback & Ratings Tab. Then click on Survey Code in the sub-nav. Copy the Java Script; do not alter it any way.

Step 3: Paste the Code on Your Site’s Final Receipt Page
Once you’ve copied the Java Script, simply paste it on your store’s final receipt/check-out page. You can easily implement this code on any number of the popular ecommerce platforms such as Yahoo! Stores, Zoovy, and osCommerce. Your platform provider may have additional information on where to place this code.

When buyers reach the final receipt page, the Java Script spawns an “invitation” that links them to the ratings and feedback form. The invitation looks like the one below. Survey Invitation
This invite is served to over 350,000 buyers shopping from thousands of different retailers every single day. When the buyers click on the invitation, it links them to the BizRate Ratings Survey & Feedback Form. The survey is between 2 and 4 pages takes about 2 minutes for a respondent to complete.

To incorporate your store’s logo in both the survey invitation and the survey form, simply upload your logo using the Logo Manager feature from within your Shopzilla Merchant Account.

That’s it! It’s really that easy to get started. From there, you’ll begin collecting feedback and ratings. You can access your ratings and customers’ comments via a number of tools, including VitalSigns, VitalMail and QuickResponse, each of which we’ll discuss in further detail in subsequent posts.

If you have any additional questions, please comment on this post or contact us.

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