Press Release: Free Reports Added to BizRate’s Customer Feedback Program

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Free Reports Added to BizRate’s Customer Feedback Program
–BizRate® Research expands its free offering to include BizAdvisor and Comments Classifier —

Los Angeles, CA (September 23, 2009) – BizRate® Research announces the expansion of its free buyer feedback program to include two new reports: the BizAdvisor and the Comments Classifier. These new reports provide online retailers with enhanced insights about buyer behavior and needs.

The two new reports are now available to all of the 4500+ retailers already participating in the BizRate® Research Point-of-Sale and Order Fulfillment Network. The BizAdvisor report sample report helps online retailers efficiently assess and prioritize improvements to key functional areas based on their correlation to key loyalty metrics and future buying intent. BizAdvisor also allows retailers to benchmark the behavior of their buyers against the buyers of other retailers within their category in the BizRate Network. These benchmarks are drawn from approximately one million surveys collected monthly from the buyers within this network. We’ve published a sample BizAdvisor report for your review.  The Comments Classifier report provides more in-depth commentary and examples within each functional area. Additionally, the reports will include data points to augment the retailer’s insights about buying behavior, such as:
· Net Loyalty Scores
· Category Benchmarking
· Correlations and Quadrant Analysis
· Buyer Demographics
· Customer Comments Classified by Tone and Functional area

“These reports provide the foundation for consumer insights development and subsequent action plans. The BizRate® Customer Feedback program is indispensable for online retailers who are serious about prioritizing improvements to their ecommerce experience based on their buyers’ needs,” stated Hayley Silver, Director of Consumer Insights, BizRate Research.

BizRate® Research provides the opportunity for online retailers to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with its robust assortment of customer feedback tools. The recent announcement of its abandonment survey and this latest addition of the BizAdvisor and Comments Classifier reports significantly increased the consumer insight tools available to online retailers. The foundation of the Customer Feedback services that BizRate has provided to online retailers for over 10 years, are at no cost. BizRate also offers additional services, including survey customization, for a fee.

About BizRate® Research:
BizRate Research assists retailers in listening to their customers and starts a dialogue between retailers and customers with the end goal of growing consumer loyalty to the retailer. BizRate Research provides tools and reports to over 4,500 retailers to enlighten them about the customer experience and make them aware of the “why” in what consumers think and do. For over 10 years, BizRate’s consumer feedback and ratings platform amplifies the consumers’ voice in a way that is fast and measurable, resulting in insights, action, and consumer loyalty. For more information on our buyer and abandonment survey and reporting products, please contact us at BizRate Research is a division of Shopzilla, Inc.

About Shopzilla, Inc.:
Shopzilla, Inc. is one of the largest and most comprehensive online shopping networks on the web. Through its leading comparison shopping sites,® and®, Shopzilla helps shoppers find the best value for virtually anything they want to buy from thousands of online retailers. Based in Los Angeles, Shopzilla operates sites in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany.

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