Press Release: Free Non-buyer Insights are finally here!

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Free Non-buyer Insights are finally here!
–BizRate® Research offers a companion product to its free buyers’ surveys and reporting–

Los Angeles, CA (September 17, 2009) – BizRate® Research announces its new free non-buyer survey and reports product to help online retailers learn more about visitors’ experiences. The new product enhances the information available to online retailers for their end goal of increasing conversion and loyalty.

In response to retailer demand for greater insight into non-buyers, BizRate® created a new non-buyer survey and reports product as an added feature to enhance the suite of consumer insights tools it already offers to thousands of online retailers for free. “BizRate Research’s goal is to amplify the consumer voice such that each online retailer, and e-commerce as a whole, grows through consumer loyalty. Adding a listening post to collect the feedback of non-buyers complements the buyer point-of-sale feedback platform that BizRate has operated for over 10 years and, in doing so, offers retailers a comprehensive suite of customer satisfaction collection and measurement tools,” stated Hayley Silver, Director of Consumer Insights, BizRate Research.

This survey is easy to implement, provides rich information, and protects consumer privacy. Specifically, the non-buyer survey is designed to collect feedback from site visitors, cart abandoners and check-out abandoners. BizRate® Research also provides retailers with actionable monthly reports. When added to the widely adopted Buyers’ surveys and reports, retailers gain the “why” behind customer actions at every on-site touch point. “BizRate Research provides the most in-depth customer feedback and reporting tools for retailers – for free!” added Ms. Silver.

The non-buyer survey and reports product is currently in its beta; broader market release is scheduled for October 1, 2009. Several marquis retailers intend to integrate it in time for the 2009 Holiday season. Lucky Brand Jeans, first to launch the survey in July 2009, experienced a seamless implementation and is already beginning to reap the benefits of the new survey. “We expect those retailers with the code in their QA environments to move it to their live sites shortly,” reported Ms. Silver. “We welcome more retailers to join our program.”

References for this product, as well as our comprehensive offering, are available upon request.

About BizRate® Research:
The industry leader, BizRate Research assists retailers in listening to their customers and starts a dialogue between retailers and customers with the end goal of growing consumer loyalty to the retailer. BizRate Research provides tools and reports to over 4,500 retailers, representing approximately 18% of e-commerce*, to enlighten them about the customer experience and make them aware of the “why” in what consumers think and do. For over 10 years, BizRate’s consumer feedback and ratings platform amplifies the consumers’ voice in a way that is fast and measurable, resulting in insights, action, and consumer loyalty. For more information on our buyer and non-buyer survey and reporting products, please contact us at BizRate Research is a division of Shopzilla, Inc.
* excluding travel and services

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