New White Paper: Rally Your Organization Around CX Metrics and Insights

by Scott Macon •

Bizrate Insights is proud to bring you the fourth entry in our Digital Thought Leadership series. Working in conjunction with Forrester Research, this new white paper, “Rally Your Organization around CX Metrics and Insights,” provides statistics, real-world examples and creative ideas around the topic of generating buy-in, and enthusiasm for CX and VOC solutions at all levels of your organization.

Key topics include:

  • Creating CX-infused business decisions
  • Addressing the many roadblocks to internal stakeholder buy-in
  • How top businesses are using the EARS strategy (Easy, Appealing, Relevant, and Specific) to turn CX metrics into business growth
  • Generating a culture of customer, not metrics, obsession through empathy

Why you should read this:

As a CX professional, you inherently understand the exponential impact CX and VOC metrics can have on a business from the top down. However, your important work means nothing when kept in a silo. Only 19% of CX professionals say their firms regularly use VOC insights to improve the customer’s experience.

Furthermore, it means even less if key stakeholders don’t understand, or don’t have the desire to understand how CX metrics can aid them in making business decisions on a day-to-day basis.

This report is geared specifically towards addressing those roadblocks. You’ll learn how companies like GE, AAA, and Hampton Inn have created a place for CX metrics in their organizations in ways that truly affect their employees and their customers.

This report will arm you with the information and the inspiration needed to help your company become customer-obsessed and fluent in CX metrics at all levels.

Download “Rally Your Organization Around CX Metrics and Insights” here!

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