Multichannel Merchant: 5 SEO Strategies All Merchants Need to Implement Now

by Michael Nguyen •

In this article published on Multichannel Retailer, I discuss how smart marketers can use SEO to attract more effective organic traffic from search engines, and how to get your product pages to show up higher in the free listings section of search engines.

Click here to read the entire article, or read below for a few notable quotes.

“[A] problem with using names and descriptions verbatim [from manufactured-supplied product names] is that search engines interpret it as low-quality and duplicate content, which doesn’t rank well. Your site won’t be distinguished from the myriad other retailers offering identical products.”

“Preserve [your] traffic while your products are out of stock… create out-of-stock pages that include all the necessary elements so that your site isn’t removed from search-engine results. Use the out-of-stock page to invite users to return again, or better still, to convert them using an email capture.”

“Create [seasonal and pre-released products] “Coming soon page[s]” for yet-to-be-released products, which includes all of the essential elements (product image, unique name and description)… Jumpstart your competition by inviting consumers to pre-order.”

“[Use] a single page for a particular product, and allow consumers to see the variations within it. It’s perfectly fine for a single page to have multiple product images. Use drop-down menus that allow consumers to select the variation.”

“Provide alternate ways for consumers and search engines to discover new products. For instance, build advanced recommendation products to provide additional paths to your most important content.”

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