Is Going Mobile Worth It?

by Hayley Silver •

Hot Topic: Mobile Commerce

One of the most buzzed about topics in the industry right now is Mobile Commerce. At the Annual Summit last week, there was a session dedicated to this topic, and retailers were interested to hear best practices from those who currently have mobile sites up and running. A couple of the key takeaways of the session were that retailers should make sure that being in mobile makes sense for their specific customer base (don’t do it without a goal in mind), and if they decide to design a mobile app, to make sure it is something unique that no one else can do.

BizRate Research is currently wrapping up a “Hot Topic” study on Mobile Commerce. We launched questions on this topic across the majority of our Network of retailers* during Q3 2009, and we plan to pulse them again in the future to get a sense of consumer adoption.

Preliminary data shows that nearly half of online buyers (48%) currently own a cell phone with internet access. Interestingly, of those who do not have internet access on their cell phones, only 14% plan to buy an internet-enabled phone in the next year. Of those planning to buy a phone in the next year, the iPhone is the most sought after phone (29%), with Blackberry close behind (24%).

Currently, 7% of online buyers make purchases from their mobile phones, a number that is expected to rise in the coming months and years. Slightly more online buyers (13%) use their phones to browse for items or to locate products in a nearby store, while 12% are using them to track orders.

We will be posting more results after concluding our analysis, so stay tuned! If you are interested in learning more about the “Hot Topic” program, then please contact us. We welcome suggestions for future topics – leave a comment with your ideas!

*For this Hot Topic study, 101,456 consumers submitted responses Network-wide. Survey responses were collected from July 1 – September 30, 2009.

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