“Hot Topic” Program – What Is It?

by Hayley Silver •

Every quarter, BizRate Research launches a study as part of our “Hot Topic” program. “Hot Topic” is a way for us to gather data and glean insights on topics of importance to e-commerce, and to share this data with retailers.* Over the past two years of the program, topics have ranged from the nuts and bolts of e-commerce (Onsite Search, Email Marketing, Customer Support), to emerging trends (Mobile Commerce).

While retailers always have the option to create custom questions, they are not able to benchmark this data (as it is unique to them). One of the great things about the “Hot Topic” program is that retailers can benchmark their results against one of our Standard Categories (e.g. Apparel, Office Supplies, Electronics – BizRate’s Network represents 18% of e-commerce**) or against a custom benchmark that they determine.

We’ll be sharing some of the Network and Category level results in upcoming posts. If you are interested in learning more about the “Hot Topic” program, then please contact us. We welcome suggestions for future topics – leave a comment with your ideas!
*The “Hot Topic” report is available for a fee to retailers that offer the BizRate Point-of-Sale Survey to their buyers. To join our Network, please create an account.
**Excluding travel and services.

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