Holiday trends and predictions 2019: Mobile channels will play a key role in attracting millennial, Gen Z shoppers (part 5 of 5)

by Bizrate Insights •

Smartphones are playing an increasingly important role in the purchasing behaviors of millennials and Generation Z shoppers. During the barrage of holiday season advertising, they’re likely to be influenced by mobile channels to browse, research, and buy their holiday gifts.

According to Bizrate Insights data in eMarketer, 59% of millennials and Generation Z have used a mobile retail app to make a purchase, compared to just 39% of baby boomers. Additionally, they’re more likely to use mobile wallets, or use an app to search for more information on a product or service.

To draw in more of these shoppers, retailers should focus on innovative technologies like social commerce. Our data published in the latest eMarketer report found that it was the most-used emerging ecommerce behavior, with 29% of shoppers making a purchase through apps like Instagram or Snapchat and another 27% reporting they were interested in doing so.

Younger demographics are likely to be the most affected by economic instability and uncertainty, making their business that much more difficult for retailers to win. The good news is they are more likely to adopt new technologies and a well-integrated mobile-first approach to ecommerce will be especially beneficial to brands that cater to them.

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