Here’s How to be Ready for 2018

by Liesel Hatch •

If 2017 holiday sales are any indication we’re gearing up for a strong 2018. So how do you ensure that your business is set up for success in the New Year?

Key insights gathered during the Bizrate Insights 2017 Holiday Survey show that these are the must dos for retail success in 2018:

Adopting a Mobile First Approach

With the consistent rise in mobile pre-Thanksgiving and across all shopping days during Cyber Week 2017, optimizing for mobile devices should be at the top of your New Year’s resolutions.

Start by examining your voice of customer feedback from mobile devices by topic and by shopping stage. With this data you can determine trends and key areas to optimize…. for example, the ease of use of your mobile experience, number of steps in your checkout process, and availability of the now-standard shopping tools customers have come to expect, like BOPIS, wish-lists and one-click checkout.

Immunize against the Amazon Triple Threat

Amazon continues to raise the bar as consumers demand convenience, reduced/free shipping and fast delivery.

The Amazon triple threat of product selection, convenience and content, means that you must figure out how to adapt and stay relevant.

Some retailers have been stepping up their game to win the Amazon price war. Amazon could be losing its low-price edge as Best Buy and others start to beat Amazon on price for top items.

However, the fact remains that focusing on price alone will not result in long term wins in 2018.

Deals Inspire Action

Having said that, deals are a great way to generate first time customers. As long as you nurture that customer you’ll be setting yourself up for a long and fruitful relationship.

Give Your Customers Reasons to Shop for Themselves

Bizrate Insights research shows that people are shopping for themselves during the holiday sales period. With this trend on the rise you should consider dialing up your messages around sale periods with content like “What a year….shout out to everyone who made it through to November! We think you deserve a little something, don’t you?”

 If you take the time to understand your customer by gathering feedback to spot trends in your customer experience, you can fine-tune your product, content and pricing strategy to be prepared for 2018. These days, who can afford not to?




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