FLASH REPORT: 2018 Tax Refund Season

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Our latest Bizrate Survey finds that the majority of people spending their tax refund on shopping plan to spend on themselves.

According to our latest March survey, 82% of shoppers who plan to spend their tax refund shopping, plan to spend those dollars on themselves.

86% of consumers who plan to spend their refund on shopping, plan to spend it online.

Where consumers plan to spend their tax refund in 2018.

Young people (< 30) are more likely to spend versus save.

One quarter of shoppers who plan to spend their refund on shopping are 18 to 24 year olds, 18% are 25 – 29.

Here’s the breakdown by age:

Shoppers by age: Single select

(Source: Bizrate Insights Tax Refund Shoppers Survey March, 2018. Answers were multi-select unless noted.)

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