Finally, a Marketing Strategy that Won’t Deplete Your Budget

by Katelyn Bowyer • ,

These days, there are myriads of pricey services that claim to optimize and maximize your marketing campaigns.

But what if you could do both of those things – optimize and maximize your campaigns – at no cost?

Seller ratings are an “automated extension” that promote advertisers with high ratings. Review stars appear below text ads as a score ranging from 3.5-5 along with the number of customer reviews that helped power your rating.

Those stars and customer reviews give shoppers confidence in your site and, consequently, invite quality clicks and qualified leads. In fact, Google confirms that retailers who have Seller Ratings on their PPC Ad will see up to a 17% increase in click throughs. Additionally, seller ratings can lead to a higher quality score and a lower cost per click. Say hello to higher conversions and goodbye to wasted ad spend!

Customer reviews are critical to customer acquisition, retention, and building a strong campaign.

Like pancakes without syrup, rating scores are dry without customer reviews alongside them. According to, 88% of online buyers want to read customer reviews before purchasing. Reviews give retailers credibility by highlighting the site’s strengths and weaknesses. Remember, not only are customer interested in reading rave reviews, but they also want to see a few negative reviews. These reviews add legitimacy, which builds shopper confidence.

All Voice-of-Customer solutions collect feedback, but not every solution helps you build your seller ratings profile.

Maybe you already collect customer feedback in-house, or via a third party, but are either of these solutions syndicating seller ratings on your behalf? If not, then Bizrate Insights can help – at no charge.

The Bizrate Insights Online Buyer Survey collects feedback from your online buyer, and then syndicates this feedback to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others to power seller ratings.

Connect with a Bizrate Insights rep to find out how you can join our network and start to collect VOC feedback and syndicated seller ratings today.

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