Earth Day 2022: 5 Ways Your Business Can Do More

For years, companies have used Earth Day as an opportunity to share environmental initiatives and reaffirm their commitments to sustainability. But on Earth Day 2022, the worsening effects of climate change, ongoing global crises, and societal challenges have redefined what it means to be a sustainable business.

Consumers now expect companies to take meaningful action to help solve economic and social challenges in addition to environmental ones. According to a recent Bizrate Insights survey of 548 consumers, 61% of respondents agreed businesses must play a larger role in helping to find solutions to economic, social, and environmental challenges.

A single organization can’t address every societal challenge at once. However, it’s imperative your business finds a purpose beyond profit and strives to positively impact the community and customers it serves.

Read below for five practical ideas to inspire your business to do more on Earth Day — and every other day of the year.

1. Align Your Business with a Local Charity

One of the best ways to support your community is by partnering with a charitable organization that has been on the ground doing the work for years. Think of ways to leverage your products or services to help a local nonprofit achieve its goals.

2. Activate Your Employees

Your employees are your greatest assets. Empowering them to give back to their community signals to current and prospective talent that your company is a mission-driven organization. Let employees tell you which charities your business should support by implementing a donation-matching program.

3. Dedicate a Portion of Product Sales to Charitable Causes

Customers would love to know money spent with your business will make an impact. Of the 548 consumers surveyed by Bizrate Insights, 56% said they would be willing to pay more for a product if they knew a portion of the sales would go to a reputable charity or cause in their communities. With this in mind, align yourself with a charitable organization or worthy cause that coincides with your company’s values and commit to donating a sensible portion of profits.

4. Partner with Other Businesses

Seventy-five percent of consumers who responded to Bizrate Insights’ survey agreed businesses are responsible for giving back to the communities they serve. Working with other companies in your community can be mutually beneficial by helping to maximize each company’s strengths. Look to form partnerships with other businesses that share similar values and charitable commitments to make an even greater impact.

5. Communicate Your Impact Clearly and Concisely

Don’t be afraid to communicate the excellent work your company is doing. According to Bizrate Insights’ survey, 60% of consumers would be interested in learning more about the charitable causes and initiatives their favorite stores and brands support. Regularly communicating your business’ impact ensures your good work does not go unnoticed — and it presents an excellent opportunity for customer engagement.

On Earth Day 2022 and Every Other Day, Consumers Expect Your Business to Step Up

Individuals, companies, and governments all have a role in solving the climate crisis. But what should your business do?

We asked consumers what sustainability initiatives they feel businesses should consider implementing. Download our free Earth Day 2022 infographic to see their responses.

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