Delving Into Email Marketing

by Hayley Silver •

Hot Topic: Email Marketing

In Q2 2009, BizRate Research ran a “Hot Topic” study on Email Marketing*, taking a look at what types of emails have the best open and site visit rates, the importance of consumers being able to control their preferences, and what types of email promotions drive purchases.

Check out some of the data highlights:

43% of consumers were not currently receiving emails from the retailer they had just purchased from. Of those who were already receiving emails, 81% were happy with the frequency. For these consumers, nearly 30% felt it is very important for them to be able to specify the topics and frequency of the emails they receive.

Open rates are high

Only 3% tend to delete an email without opening it, while 59% will open an email from the retailer they purchased from nearly every time they receive one. The emails with the best open rates are special offers (90%), and notifications about items being back in stock (71%). A little over half of consumers always visit the site after opening these types of emails. Emails with references to special occasions or holidays were not opened as frequently (only 53%) and only 34% visit the site nearly every time.

Types of email promotions

Free shipping/delivery is the email promotion with the most influence over whether a consumer will make a purchase (63%). Percent off or dollars off coupons are also popular (53% and 50%, respectively), while gift with purchase promotions have less influence (25%).

If you are interested in learning more about the “Hot Topic” program, then please contact us. We welcome suggestions for future topics – leave a comment with your ideas!

*For this Hot Topic study, 63,155 consumers submitted responses Network-wide. Survey responses were collected from April 29 – June 30, 2009.

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