Data Pass Through

by Hayley Silver •

When looking at the vast amount of data that BizRate can provide, many retailers often want to know how they can learn more about individual transactions.  One way to do this is via Data Pass Through.  Passing data to BizRate at the time of sale can allow the retailer to look closely at specific data points.  Passing through the Order ID, for example, can be done at no cost to you!  A small piece of code is included with the standard BizRate code and the Order ID is called in to the survey.  BizRate can then include the Order ID with comment, for Customer Support use, or with a respondent level data file.

But the Order ID isn’t the only piece of information that can be included with your survey data.  For a small fee, you can include any data that is collected on your site.  Examples include customer ID; web analytics ID, and referring URL just to name a few.  These additional pass through variables require a contract and raw/respondent level data to view across all scores.

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