Data-Driven Tips To Create a Winning BOPIS Program [GUIDE]

Shoppers’ priorities and expectations have changed throughout 2020, but one constant has been the desire for a safe and convenient shopping experience. Whether you’ve recently implemented a BOPIS program or have been offering it in some form for years, there is always room to grow and improve.

Bizrate Insights has held an ongoing survey of online shoppers to find out what matters most when it comes to the buy online pick up in store experience. Our targeted questions aim to measure how consumers use BOPIS and determine where retailers have the most opportunity to optimize their programs. After eight months of gathering data, we’ve compiled the most relevant information to create: Data-Driven Tips to Create a Winning BOPIS Program.

This guide uses survey data from online shoppers as well as verbatim feedback from verified customers of retailers on the Bizrate network. Using these data points, we created tangible tips that your ecommerce business can leverage to ensure your BOPIS strategy is optimized to exceed your clients’ expectations.

In this guide, you’ll learn the following:

  • How often consumers use BOPIS, and why
  • Curbside versus in-store pickup preferences
  • Features and events that impact the BOPIS experience
  • The type of purchase most likely to result in a pickup experience
  • How you can use these insights to create an ideal BOPIS program

By providing a convenient, streamlined BOPIS program, you will be able to match the experience offered by big competitors, retain valuable customers, increase ROI on marketing efforts, and attract new business.

Download the guide below to identify where you can improve your existing BOPIS program or find out why now is the time to create one.