BOPIS: Bizrate Insights’ newest feedback solution

Over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has changed day-to-day life for most people. In-person and in-store interactions have been abandoned in favor of online shopping and contactless pickup. Not only is this a new frontier for many shoppers, it’s also a sudden change for companies who are quickly shifting to a new delivery dynamic.

Last year, Bizrate Insights launched a BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store) feedback solution to measure customer satisfaction across the online and in-store pickup experience.  In light of recent changes to the pickup experience, we’re expanding BOPIS to include feedback related to the curbside/drive-up experience. In addition, reporting is available via VitalSigns, allowing retailers to manage customer feedback and uncover what customers are really looking for from a BOPIS experience.

Bizrate Insights’ BOPIS solution is unique in that our two-part survey ties the online and pickup experiences together in one joined response to help retailers optimize the shopping and buying experience.


Our survey solution collects valuable data about each stage of the BOPIS experience, including pickup, employee helpfulness, availability of curbside or drive-up options, and even the return process, when applicable.

Key metrics and customer comments collected by the survey are conveniently accessible within our VitalSigns Reporting Portal. As with our other solutions, subscribers can analyze their KPIs over time, review comments, and benchmark themselves against the network’s highest performers


Basic BOPIS metrics and customer comments are available to all Bizrate partners through the Online Buyer survey at no charge with enhanced dashboards and access included in the Premium Subscription.

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About the VitalSigns™ Reporting Portal

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