5 Ways To Reduce Site Abandonment—Free Guide

The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.8%. The question is, why? Whether consumers leave while viewing their shopping cart or while browsing, it can be difficult to find out why visitors are leaving your site. And finding out why they’re leaving is only part of the problem. Retailers must also take action to reduce site abandonment.

Download our guide, 5 Ways to Reduce Site Abandonment below, and keep reading to learn a few of the steps your company can take to reduce site abandonment.



Optimize The User Experience

Your website says a lot about your company and it can make or break a shopper’s experience. According to Akamai, “49% of online retail customers expect pages to load in 2 seconds or less.” The same study shows that another 22% will never return to a slow site. If pages load slowly, your site is difficult to navigate, and recommended products aren’t relevant, your site isn’t going to keep shoppers’ attention. The lackluster experience can also reduce confidence in your brand and cause shoppers to leave without making a purchase.

To get reliable, unbiased feedback about your website’s performance, your company should conduct user testing on an outside group of people. These individuals can provide objective feedback and allow you to pinpoint areas where your website could use improvement.

Streamline the Checkout Process

This may come as a surprise, but when a customer views their shopping cart, it doesn’t always mean they’re ready to checkout. For example, our data has shown that 31% of shoppers use checkout just to calculate the total cost.

However, you can implement best practices to ensure shoppers who make it to the checkout process aren’t hit with any surprises that may cause them to change their mind about completing a purchase. A few of these include having prices prominently and accurately displayed throughout your site, offering reasonable shipping costs that align with industry standards, and having a secure checkout page with trust signals to give shoppers confidence their private information is safe.

When evaluating your shopping cart and checkout processes, it may be easy to overlook areas that are lacking, but your customers will be able to identify these shortcomings. Collecting VoC feedback from your customers is one way to learn what shoppers like about the checkout process and what could be improved.

Download Our Guide and Take the Next Steps

An optimized UX and streamlined checkout experience are just two of the areas to dive into when reducing website abandonment. Our guide will share additional strategies to help you uncover why visitors are leaving your website and provide you with the following:

  • Prompts for assessing how your website is performing from a shopper’s perspective
  • Common reasons why shoppers don’t complete a purchase
  • Steps to take following a customer’s exit from your website
  • Tips for preventing future site abandonment

It’s not enough to find out why shoppers are leaving your website—it’s time to take action to prevent it from happening in the future.

Site abandonment is a common problem for retailers and with the emerging trends of 2021 predicting continued ecommerce growth, retailers are going to need to find a way to reduce it. Address site abandonment head on and download our guide to get started.