2018: The Pre-Thanksgiving Holiday Outlook

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According to reports by eMarketer, strong sales in 2018 suggest that the holiday spending season is headed for solid growth. The season continues to extend, with retailers like Lowe’s and Best Buy launching Black November sales to capitalize on pre-holiday traffic.

Each November, we ask shoppers in our network about their holiday preferences leading up to Thanksgiving.

Compared to November 2017, more 2018 holiday shoppers in our network are beginning to make purchases in-store (assuming total cost and product availability are the same.) With many online retailers opening up their first retail stores, brick & mortar businesses are creating experiences and events to attract shoppers, especially during the holidays.

The convenience of BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up In-store) continues to be an important option for shoppers this season.

There’s still plenty of time on the shopping calendar, and holiday purchases will most likely pick up later. With Thanksgiving 2018 on the calendar earlier this year, there’s more retail time between Thanksgiving and Christmas; this means retailers will have close to an additional shopping week before the Christmas holidays to attract last minute customers.

We’ll be releasing our next report after the Black Friday/Cyber Monday frenzy to keep you informed on 2018 shopping preferences and trends.

[Source: Bizrate Insights November 1 Holiday Surveys, November 2018]

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