Careers at Connexity

We invite you to review all the career opportunities available within Shopzilla and apply for those that are a good match for your skill set. All opportunities for positions within both our US and UK offices will be posted on our Careers website.

Online Applications

To apply for a position at Shopzilla, you should first submit your resume to us through Jobvite, our applicant tracking system. If you apply for a position from our Careers website, you will automatically be directed to Jobvite to complete your submission. You will be able to also include a cover letter, resume and a link to your LinkedIn profile. We will NEVER ask you to submit information to us using another site or format. It is important that you take the time to read the position description carefully and make sure that you show that your experience and skills match what is required for the role.

Résumés — What We Look For

A résumé is your personal advertisement– your chance to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that in your résumé you provide a summary of your professional and educational background and skills. Tailor your résumé to demonstrate how your skills, knowledge, strengths and professional work experience matches the role. You should always tailor your résumé to the role you are applying for in order to and emphasize the skills that match the position.

Ensure your resume is structured appropriately and contains the following information:

  • Contact details: Name; address; telephone numbers and email address.
  • Career Summary: A few sentences describing your professional work history; e.g., I have led the development of innovative products
    from cradle to launch for the past 5 years and approach my projects with enthusiasm and innovation in mind.

  • Education: Details and dates of your education, training and/or study achievements.
  • Skills: A few bullet points highlighting your major skills e.g. Expert level understanding and hands on experience in Java, JavaScript and Hadoop for high availability and low latency systems.
  • Employment History: Starting from your most recent position: Title; company and specific dates you worked there e.g. Account Manager, Shopzilla, Dec 10 – Sep 14.
  • Areas of Responsibilities: A few bullet points describing your areas of responsibilities and accomplishments e.g.

Phone Interview

After you have applied via Jobvite, the next step in the process is likely to be a phone interview. Depending on the position, a phone interview can range from 30 minute to an hour phone interview with a recruiter, who will provide you with the details the company, role and the overall recruitment process and expected timeframes. There may be follow up phone interviews with Managers, depending on the position.

Onsite Interviews

For all roles, you will be invited to visit Shopzilla for an onsite interview with the hiring team as part of the recruitment process. This will occur before any offer of employment is made.

In this onsite interview you will meet future team members to learn more about the daily responsibilities of the role and obtain details on how the role interfaces with other team members. For engineers, you will be asked to code a problem and walk the team through your solution and thinking process. Preparation is the key to feeling confident when coming to Shopzilla for an onsite interview. Here are a few tips to help settle the nerves before arriving for an onsite interview:

  • Arrive at the office with plenty of time to spare to you can be in the right mindset for the interview. If you’re nervous, this will give you some time to relax before your interview.
  • Make a great first impression. Ensure you are groomed appropriately for the role. Be friendly and courteous by introducing yourself to
    the recruiter and the other interviewers.
  • Use positive body language. Pay attention to your body language to ensure you represent yourself as being engaged, professional,
    personal and confident.

Behavioral Interviews

At Shopzilla, we pride ourselves in identifying A Players by using behavioral interviewing to learn more about your past performance and successes. Behavioral interviewing allows us to determine how a candidate will perform his/her duties based on prior behavior in the workplace.

To prepare for an interview, it is suggested that you:

  • Research the business and role. Take the time to understand the competitive environment of our business and the role. Prepare for any
    likely questions you may be asked about the industry or the role.
  • Structure your responses. Think about the question before jumping to a response; structure your responses by describing the situation,
    what action you undertook and the result of your action.

Pre-employment Background Check

A pre-employment background check is required for all candidates before a final job offer is extended. If you are a finalist for a position with Shopzilla, you will be requested to fill out a Personal Data Form to authorize Shopzilla to conduct a background check. This Personal Data Form will be sent to you through Jobvite, our external applicant tracking system. Please note that HireRight, our background check partner, will conduct your background check. Shopzilla itself will NEVER ask for personal information such as social security number or driver’s license number over the phone, IM or email.

Unsolicited Emails

fraud alert

Shopzilla has recently received reports of other organizations pretending to recruit on behalf of Shopzilla or by people claiming to work for Shopzilla. These emails notify individuals that their qualifications were found suitable to work as an employee for Shopzilla and they request personal information or the transfer of money to pay for work visas, insurance policies and so on.

Please note that these communications are fraudulent and do not originate from Shopzilla.

Shopzilla, and/or its operating divisions, will NEVER request any money or payments from applicants at any point in the recruitment process. All applicants who are successful in gaining employment with Shopzilla are always required to go through a formal recruitment process that always includes a phone interview with Shopzilla’s recruitment team, a face-to-face interview conducted in Shopzilla’s offices, reference checks and a background screening by a well-known external third party (currently HireRight).

Fraudulent employment offers/job advertisements may come from personal email addresses such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail. The Shopzilla recruitment team will NEVER email you from personal email addresses and their email addresses will always be sent from an “” email address. In fraudulent employment offers, spelling and grammar is usually poor and at some stage money will be requested. We recommend that you DO NOT respond to any suspicious employment offers and DO NOT disclose your personal or financial details to people with whom you are unfamiliar.

If you receive any suspicious emails regarding employment at Shopzilla or requests for payment at any time in the recruitment process, please contact and we will thoroughly investigate.