MyGiftCardsPlus is the newest gift card mall with over 150 retailers. The service allows users to buy full price gift cards and earn cash back in the form of's rewards currency.

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Customer Feedback Bolsters New Business Growth

As a brand new company, MyGiftCardsPlus avoided costly errors by using Bizrate Insights’ Solutions to study customer feedback.

MyGiftCardsPlus launched as a new contender in the crowded world of gift card retailers. They offered a beneficial point of differentiation to customers through their unique concept of cash back and rewards with each purchase. By partnering with Bizrate Insights to study online buyer feedback from day one, MyGiftCardsPlus was able to quickly identify and rectify two areas that were of great importance to their customers—physical gift cards and faster order fulfillment. This fostered brand loyalty that allowed the fledgling business to grow their profits.

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Entering the Market with the Right Foot Forward

90% of consumers surveyed by Forrester in 2017 agreed or strongly agreed that they are “unlikely to return to a website that does not provide a satisfactory customer experience.” Getting things right from the start was imperative.

MyGiftCardsPlus came to market with a new concept around a traditional purchase. With the prevalence and availability of gift cards at many junctures, they needed to clearly communicate the additional advantages their service provided. In addition, the process of acquiring a gift card needed to be as simple and satisfactory as possible to rival their competitors.

The company faced several initial roadblocks:

• They were a brand new company in a saturated market.
• They needed to quickly communicate brand differentiation.
• They needed customer feedback to fine tune their service and build loyalty.

“Bizrate Insights is an effective way for us to manage and, ultimately, improve our reputation. We actively respond to comments and feedback that we receive from our customers via Bizrate.”

Kristie Leach, VP, Customer Success & Operations, Prodege, LLC.

Decoding the Customer’s Needs

MyGiftCardsPlus implemented Bizrate Insight’s voice of customer solutions from launch to study feedback from online buyers. Immediately, two areas of concern were raised to their attention.

• Customers wanted physical gift cards vs ecards.
• Order fulfillment needed to be faster.

Acting on that data, MyGiftCardsPlus rolled out physical gift cards and introduced faster order fulfillment. Their business and profits continue to grow with their customer-first strategy.

Now, they continually use Bizrate Insights’ solutions as a disciplined way to monitor the health of their customer experience. Receiving VitalMail helps MyGiftCardsPlus maintain the practice of staying connected to their customers’ experience. It’s one of the first emails they review each day.

“I read the Bizrate VitalMail email every day. It’s a disciplined way to remain in-tune with our customer experience and helps me identify product improvements.”

David Weinrot, COO Prodege, LLC.