Lamps Plus is the nation's largest lighting retailer. The company maintains an ecommerce site and operates retail stores across the western United States.

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How Lamps Plus Improves ROI

Lamps Plus, a leading lighting and home furnishings retailer and manufacturer, needed a solution to measure customer feedback from online buyers to pinpoint roadblocks and ramp up their customer service strategy.

Retail and Manufacturing: Home Furnishings
Business Type
Online and Brick & Mortar Stores
Use Case
Seller Ratings, Customer Satisfaction, VOC

Implementing Bizrate Insights’ Online Buyer Solution resulted in driving overall customer satisfaction up by 7%.


Lamps Plus wanted to demonstrate their customer service commitment to potential and existing customers to increase satisfaction and drive brand loyalty.

Their team identified the following necessary strategies:

• Drive reputation management in Search
• Capture post-purchase feedback and real-time follow up to ensure customer satisfaction

“The ability to capture voice of customer feedback improved seller ratings, which led to a great customer service commitment and higher loyalty.”

Angela Hsu, Senior Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce

Translating Ratings into ROI

Lamps Plus implemented Bizrate Insights’ Online Buyer Solution to collect ratings from satisfied customers. These ratings translated into additional sales, particularly from new customers.

Bizrate Insights offers the highest response rate in the industry, allowing for a steady stream of high-quality customer reviews.

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“We saw trends in our feedback, which allowed us to implement changes that would make the most impact to our business.”

Angela Hsu, Senior Vice President of marketing and eCommerce

Elevating the Customer Experience

Through voice of customer insights, Lamps Plus was able to identify how critical the post-purchase journey was to overall customer satisfaction which resulted in enhancements to shipping and order status notifications. These and additional enhancements will be rolled out to customers in the coming year.

“Lamps Plus lived up to its representation in all respects! My husband and I are very satisfied with the purchase we have made. Thank you for being such reliable company!”

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