J&P Cycles started as a family-built business in 1979 and is committed to keeping the world on two wheels. J&P strives to be the best company for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories.

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Pinpointing Customer Pain Points Boosts CSAT and NPS

Historically, J&P Cycles had no mechanism for capturing and quantifying their customer service issues. Customer service spent the majority of their time answering complaints about out-of-stock items, pulling resources away from helping answer questions and completing phone orders.

Motorcycle Components, Apparel, and Gear
Business Type
Online, Brick & Mortar
Use Case
Customer Experience Metrics/Scores, Verbatim Comments, VitalSigns™ Real-Time Dashboards

In response to this, J&P Cycles launched the Bizrate Insights Online Buyer Survey to help pinpoint the most common issues their shoppers were having during the purchase process and post-delivery.

J&P significantly improved their
post-purchase likelihood to recommend score by 2.3% to 9.4/10 YOY¹

Using data from Bizrate Insights, J&P Cycles quickly identified problem areas within their customer service, then made improvements, resulting in annual CSAT and NPS™ growth along with increased customer service efficiency.

“Bizrate Insights has been deeply embraced by our customer satisfaction team, which has been critical in building our next generation customer-obsessed culture here at J&P Cycles. Every one of our customer satisfaction team members knows our Bizrate rating trends vs. our Bizrate goals. It is a key component of our customer experience toolbox.”

Sean Laughlin, VP Marketing

Getting Started

In order to determine the largest customer pain points and prioritize next steps, J&P Cycles used their VitalSigns™ dashboards to evaluate overall scores and review customer comments. They found that many complaints related to not being able to purchase out-of-stock items.

“We discovered that we could improve CSAT and NPS™ by not showing products which were not currently available for purchase, with little sales impact.”

Sean Laughlin, VP Marketing

Embracing Performance Metrics

By collecting and responding to feedback via the Bizrate Insights survey, J&P cycles has built a strong relationship with their customers, allowing them to continually evolve and provide outstanding experiences.

Across the company, the J&P Cycles team embraces and relies on performance metrics to create accessible and actionable insights. They stopped displaying out-of-stock items on the site and focused on real-time customer responses using Bizrate Insights’ QuickResponse alerts.


J&P Cycles’ Customer Support team now spends the majority of their time answering questions and helping to place orders, rather than responding to complaints about unavailable items. This is reflected in statistically significant increases across their satisfaction scores and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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