Joy Jewelers is a trusted online jewelry destination for thousands of customers around the world. Since 2005, Joy Jewelers has made it their mission to provide valued customers with only the finest in jewelry and watches, focusing on affordability without sacrificing on quality and beauty.

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Collecting Unbiased Customer Feedback Highlights Areas for Improvement

Joy Jewelers was interested in learning how their customers feel about the quality of products they sell and the service they provide, but they didn’t know how to solicit unbiased customer feedback.

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Satisfaction Metrics at Point of Sale & Fulfillment; Verbatim Comments

In order to accomplish this, they started to work with Bizrate Insights in 2010 to collect post-purchase feedback via the Online Buyer Solution. Through this customer feedback, Joy Jewelers realized that their customer base had high expectations, especially when it came to shipping and product quality.

By streamlining the order process and working with suppliers, Joy Jewelers was able to make changes that resulted in an overall increase in satisfaction for both post-purchase and post-delivery metrics.

Joy Jewelers saw a 6% increase in overall satisfaction at fulfillment YOY.

“Bizrate gives us real metrics and performance indicators with regard to our customers’ satisfaction with the quality of the jewelry we sell and also the customer service they receive from our team.”

Quinn Moo, President

Customer Feedback Solutions Lead to Real Insights

By measuring key performance metrics, combined with customer feedback verbatim comments, Joy Jewelers realized that shipping issues were a major customer pain point. Specifically, customers expressed frustration at high shipping fees followed by delivery delays. When purchasing high-end jewelry, which is often a gift with a high price point, customers expect that shipping charges will be minimal and that items will arrive quickly.

Key Findings from Bizrate Insights’ data led Joy Jewelers to:

• Move order entry in-house, with requests processed around the clock.
• Lower shipping thresholds so that a majority of orders qualify for free shipping.

These upgrades had a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

“Listening to customer feedback, and making changes based on customer needs, has helped us to increase conversion rates by improving overall satisfaction across the board.”

Quinn Moo, President

Capturing Detail at the Product Level

In addition to shipping issues, feedback from the Online Buyer Survey also helped the Joy Jewelers team identify products where quality was below expectations. First, Joy Jewelers discontinued products that had high levels of returns and dissatisfaction. Then, they communicated with suppliers to improve the quality of products – and made sure their changes worked by monitoring satisfaction levels through Bizrate Insights’ VitalSigns Dashboards.

“Bizrate is a great source of data for the things we care the most about: customer experience and satisfaction.”

Quinn Moo, President

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