Survey Program Rules

In order to maintain an unbiased ratings program, the following are not permitted and may result in termination from Bizrate Insights’ ratings & reviews program:

  • Encouraging or asking consumers to post a positive or favorable review.
  • Attempting to dissuade customers from providing unfavorable reviews.
  • Helping or assisting consumers in writing reviews; suggesting language for reviews.
  • Providing any financial incentive (money, discounts, products or other benefits) for writing a positive or favorable review, or for removing or repudiating an unfavorable review.
  • Requesting customers to remove previously submitted reviews that are for the correct retailer. Retailers may publicly respond to reviews via our website, noting updates and corrections made.
  • Having any employee, associate, or affiliated person post any review.
  • Altering the medal or survey code provided by Bizrate.
  • Posting the Buyer Survey standard Point-of-Sale code anywhere other than the order confirmation page.

Reviews must be submitted by consumers on their own initiative.