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Last modified on: January 22nd 2015

  • Can I customize the point-of-sale invitation?There are several standard (free) versions of the point-of-sale invitation available. If a retailer prefers that the invitation have its own look and feel, or one that is merely different from what bizrate offers, then retailers can create their own graphic for the invitation if it conforms to the size specifications of 500 x 455 pixels, functionally indicates an acceptance of the invitation with a click, and is approved by bizrate insights. (Fee applies.)

  • Do popup blockers prevent the survey invitation from rendering?If a pop-up blocker is present on a consumers’ computer, then bizrate’s buyers’ survey invitation will render in a DHTML format (a pop-in). No change to the code needs to be made by retailers for this functionality; it is already built into bizrate’s code.

  • Can I customize bizrate’s code?bizrate® insights does not condone nor support customization of the buyers’ survey code beyond what is provided by bizrate. Requests for customizations should be submitted to bizrate through a bizrate insights account manager or

  • Can I customize the survey?YES! Custom questions and custom formatting can be added to the standard survey as paid services. Please contact your bizrate insights account manager or email us at

  • Can I get custom reports and benchmark?YES! We offer custom reports to meet each retailer’s needs which are emailed at regular intervals or the data can be directly accessed to create custom reports in our AccuRate cross-tabulation reportal. Both of these services are offered for fees.

    Retailers may also purchase the ability to choose retailers for a custom benchmark (i.e. direct competitors, best of breed, etc) and add this to custom reports (for fees). Please contact your bizrate insights account manager or email us at

  • How does the standard order fulfillment invitation email look?Three days after a consumer has indicated (on the point-of-sale survey) that they expect to receive their order, bizrate emails the consumer an invitation to take a short survey about order receipt. The subject line for this email is “Shipping Verification – Response Requested”. If the consumer does not respond to this invitation, then 5 days later, bizrate issues one emailed reminder with the subject line of “Shipping Verification Reminder – Response Requested”.


  • Customer service requests with respect to the surveysWe are happy to manage questions that originate from consumers as well as retailers. Consumer inquiries can be forwarded to This email address may also be made available directly to consumers.

  • Do you have a similar set of services for visitors who don’t purchase?YES! We provide free standard Abandonment surveys and accompanying reports, as well as paid customizations.

  • Survey system supported browsersBizrate’s buyers’ invitation and survey work with the following browsers:


  • Security concernsAll calls from secure receipt pages (https) are made secure (SSL). All calls from non-secure receipt pages are made non-secure.

  • Contact usDo you still have questions? Would you like to setup a meeting to review?

    Then please contact your bizrate® insights account manager or email us at

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