2017 Bizrate Insights® New to Network Honoree

Welcome to the Bizrate Insights Network!

Thank you for joining the Bizrate Insights Network in 2017. To assist you in your commitment to great customer experiences, Bizrate Insights would like to recognize you as a New to Network Honoree for 2017.

To help you promote this accomplishment, you can now proudly display the Bizrate Insights New to Network Honoree badge on your site and in marketing materials.

Included below are the following:

New to Network Honoree Code for Website and Electronic Usage

Place any of the following codes on your website, in footers, navigation, shopping cart and checkout to build customer confidence. The award images (as shown below) link back to your store ratings page on Bizrate.com, allowing consumers to verify your award and read reviews.

Please note that beginning this year, the medal code has been updated. Now, you can choose from one of 4 sizes shown below. In addition, this new code is dynamically generated so you won’t need to make updates for future wins – just choose your code, enter your [MID] and [Merchant Name] and updates will be automatic with future wins. If you do not know your MID, then you can retrieve it here.

Large Vertical New to Network Recognition (70 x 100)

New to Network 2017 70x100

Medium Vertical New to Network Recognition (65 x 90)

New to Network 2017 65x90

Small Vertical New to Network Recognition (60 x 85)

New to Network 2017 60x85

Horizontal New to Network Recognition (97 x 56)

New to Network 2017 97x56

Bizrate New to Network Marketing Kit & High Resolution Graphics

  1. New to Network Recognition – high resolution graphics to use in your communications and promotions, across any medium you wish.
  2. New to Network Marketing Guidelines – includes standards for correct award usage on all internal and external company communications, as well as marketing tips, guidelines for promotion and more.

Please click here to download a zip file of these items: 2017-NTN-Marketing-Kit-and-Awards.

Bizrate Store Ratings Page

We have also added the 2017 New to Network Recognition to your Bizrate.com Store Ratings page where shoppers can view your customer satisfaction performance ratings and reviews.


Please Note: You must replace [MID], including brackets [], with your Bizrate Merchant ID for the link to function.

If you have forgotten your Bizrate Merchant ID, then please email us at bizrate@bizrateinsights.com.

Welcome to the network!

Please contact us if you have any questions.